Wednesday, September 22, 2010

Common Sense on Nutrition

I was just reading part of an article on over the counter supplements and how this industry is really not monitored and the problems people are having while innocently taking these supplements.  The article mentions this is a multi billion dollar industry, but we need to examine why and the underlying motivation and what drives this industry.  People who lack common sense and who blindly rely on advertising to tell them what is good are the driving force.  If people realized the dynamics of this industry and the advertising and marketing industry that's behind these types of industries, maybe they would think twice about using these supplements and supporting this and other industries that rely mainly on lies and advertising to line their pockets. 

People need to realize we get the appropriate nutrition from the food we eat and we don't even need to take vitamins.   People should also realize the purier the food the purier it digests.  For example, if you eat an apple, which has no additives, versus applesauce, which is processed and handled more than the simple apple, you  get the same nutritional value from the apple and it's much cheaper and healthier, yet so many buy the applesauce, only to keep the food manufactures and advertising giants in business with higher profits as time goes on.

One of the other reasons I bring this up is the government doesn't really care about how supplements are manufactured and advertised yet they want to tell us what we eat.  Believe me, this isn't a new concept, and the government has been trying to tell us what to eat for years, however, no one cared until now.  What about the food pyramid the government developed to tell us how much of each food category to eat on a daily basis?  Even in my youth and through high school, if I, or my Mom, would have followed their recommendations, I'd be an obese slob, yet we are still debating this issue between the free market and the government.  The food pyramid is a perfect, yet another example of how the government can't get it right.  They told us long ago how to eat, many got fat, maybe from following the food pyramid, and they still want to tell us what to eat.

As history shows, the government screws everything up, even the simplest thing, like eating.  They want to tell us what to eat and yet they don't protect many from the damaging supplements and the bogus advertising that goes along with this industry and other industries. 

Keep it simple, not only in what you eat but with how you spend your money.  Remember, almost everything we buy is taxed.  If you don't want to pay more taxes and you want less government, then don't buy stuff you don't need.  This will put less money in, not only the state's coffers, but the federal coffers too.  We need to put the government out of most of our business and limiting the sand in the sandbox is the only way to reign them in.